Application has stopped working error and program hangs

I am running into some problems with a program that I've written and I need some help. It is a C# .NET 2.0 Winforms application. It is being executed from a network drive, and runs under Windows XP
and Windows 7. The platform target is x86. It does some SQL queries, reading and writing to a file stored on a network using SQLite. There are certain operations, which are not repeatable, in which the
user will click and the program will simply stall, going into the hourglass (or spinning circle). Usually when this happens, the program will crash with "The application has stopped working" error. I have an
exception handler, but apparently it is not catching the problem.

What measures can I take to find out the problematic code? Or to correct the errors? The users of the program get frustrated when the crashes occur as it slows down their work.


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