How to Import Contacts from Excel to Blackberry?

Blackberry users are in frequent searches to manage data and contacts in their phone. Being a Smartphone this device is little complicated to use and of course no one wants to take chances with any wrong action performed on their precious phone. Many users are also stuck with a quest of how to import contacts from Excel to Blackberry. This blog will illustrate a method for importing contacts from XLS/XLSX spreadsheet to your blackberry device. To convert contacts from Excel file into vCard and then in Blackberry device, the method explained here comprises of two stages;

1. Conversion of Excel to CSV File

2. Import CSV File in Blackberry

Note: You can proceed with next stage if you are familiar with a process of Excel to CSV.

Stage 1: Conversion of Excel to CSV File

Contents from Excel sheet cannot be directly imported using Blackberry and that is why you will need to convert the Excel file to CSV file. You can follow the below mentioned steps for this conversion.

1. Open the Excel file from which contacts have to be moved.

2. Go to File and then click on Save as option.

3. Provide destination where new converted file has to be saved.

4. Now in the File Name provide a name to your file.

5. In Save as type, select CSV from drop-down menu.

6. Now click Save.

Note: Do this process on your computer system. You may get warning messaged regarding formatting, click yes to them.

Stage 2: Import CSV File to Blackberry

CSV file basically comprises of words, numbers, or combination of both which are separated by commas and hence it is known as Comma Separated Values file. It is easy to import this CSV file in Blackberry phone using the Blackberry’s synchronization component. Follow the below mentioned procedure to import contacts from Excel to Blackberry via CSV;

Step 1: Using USB cable, connect your Blackberry device to the system where the converted CSV file (in first stage) is saved.

Step 2: Click Start>>All Programs>>Blackberry Desktop Software in order to launch the device’s synch application.

Step 3: Now in Synchronization Settings go to Organizer and click Configure Settings. Click on the check box next to Address Book on the Select Device screen.

Step 4: Click Setup and then click ASCII Importer/Exporter then click on Next button. Now ASCII Importer/Exporter screen will be launched. Go to Browse for Database file and navigate to the location where your CSV file is saved.

Step 5: Double-click on the CSV file and click Next. Soon a message with Congratulations will appear, click on Finish.

Step 6: When Select Device Application screen appears click OK and then click Sync. This will move the contents from CSV file stored on your computer to your BlackBerry device.

Step 7: You can check the contacts to be saved in the contact list of your Blackberry device.

Exceptional Cases Can Try Easy Solution

The above mentioned method can be used with maximum of Blackberry models but it has been observed that some exceptional Blackberry OS versions do not support CSV files. In that situation importing contacts from Blackberry device becomes a nuisance. Many novice users also might not be able to follow all the procedure at their own. In such situation user can opt for much easier way to move contacts from CSV file. Many third party software tools are available to help you know how to import contacts from Excel to Blackberry like RecoveryTools for MS Excel to vCard Converter. This software will convert the contacts from Excel file to vCard file which can be easily accessed in Blackberry device.

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