Reverse engineering Fantasy Earth Zero

Requesting server files for the PvP MMO Fantasy Earth Zero for a private server. This was a great game that is till going on in Japan & China (unfortunately the lag is horrible & the IP is locked) . The only reason the game failed in the NA was because the failure of the publisher Gamepot USA. Who ever finds/gets us the Fantasy earth Zero server files whether the version be NA/HK/JP/CN/ or TW will be a hero among thousands of players & loved for infinity & beyond! They will also have a home with us for all time. We just found out Square Enix nor anyone has rights to Fantasy Earth Zero check here for proof we triple checked the data base several of them. . On that point the server in China & is in a nation that respects no copyright laws. China is known for their pirating made notable by Hollywood so no legal matters exist say if the chinese server Fantasy Earth Zero was reverse engineered by any said parties. So just saying there's no legal issues. Just putting that out there.

China version-
FEZ Version-
Link to the Bring Back Fantasy Earth Zero FB page-
Email any inquiries to

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