Outlook Error Synchronizing Folder. The Client Operation Failed!

“From last few days, some of the employees in organization are complaining about issues in OST updates synchronization with Exchange Server. An error message is repeatedly received that says ‘error synchronizing folder’ and it disturbs database management on Server.”

What is the Problem?

If connection between Outlook and Exchange Server is active, the changes that take place in OST file (deletion, addition, modification) will be updated with Exchange Server. A successful send/receive cycle of Outlook ensures that data is synced with Server time to time.

However, if synchronization does not take place properly, users might confront error messages like that mentioned above. First of all, the error itself exemplifies that something is wrong with folder synchronization. In this case, the first step is to check if the folders are properly synced with mailbox on Server. For this, follow these steps:

1) In Outlook, select the folder that has to be verified for synchronization issues. Right click on it and drop-down to “Properties” option.
2) In the “Synchronization” tab, click on “Statistics for this folder” that will show you following options under it:

Last Synchronized on: Date
Server folder contains: # Items
Offline folder contains: # Items

If the values for “Server folder contains” and “Offline folder contains” is same, then synchronization is taking place successfully and if not, then we have to switch to another option for work around.

What are Reasons for OST Sync Failure?

OST file in Outlook and the mailbox saved on Exchange Server shares a child-parent relationship. Any kind of changes in mailbox will be reflected in functioning or accessibility of OST file. For example: Change in mailbox location, mailbox deletion, active-directory user modification etc. Any of these situations will either cause synchronization problems with Exchange Server or will end up with an inaccessible OST file which is generally termed as orphaned OST file.

Troubleshooting Steps!

#1: In case of folder synchronization error, the first step is to use OST Integrity Checker tool that is available free of cost by Microsoft. This utility tests sync issues between OST and mailbox Server, fixes it to make sync process smooth between client and Server. For this, it is important that you are connected with Exchange Server.

#2: The second option is to go for some reliable OST to PST Converter tool. These solutions are very-well developed to retrieve data from an OST file in orphaned or corrupt state and export it to Outlook PST file format. The advantage of investing in these tools is they offer additional benefits to manage OST file and does not require Exchange Server installation for recovery.

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