PRESS RELEASE - Hushio invents world’s first hardware assisted password manager

HushioHushio Vancouver,BC

Vancouver, BC – Aug 28, 2014 – Vancouver start-up Hushio Inc. has proudly announced a unique password solution with their patent-pending over-the-air authentication technology. Designed to provide an easy-to-use and super secure password manager, Hushio Inc. is the first to offer a hardware assisted, highly compatible, mobile app-based password solution.

There are many password managers on the market today, but most are desktop software, mobile apps or browser plug-ins. Software solutions not only feature the complexity of the initial setup and long term maintenance, but also add potential risk to the entire security chain. The few hardware password solutions, built on top of dedicated hardware gadgets, suffer higher costs and limited flexibility.

The Hushio password solution Hushio App and Hushio Key leverage the versatile smartphone mobile app and Bluetooth 4.0/USB hardware technology. By hybridizing the best of both worlds, Hushio Inc. is able to deliver a low cost, sophisticated and very easy-to-use password manager for both computer and mobile applications.

The Hushio App is derived from the KeePass password safe, an esteemed open source password manager. The app itself can fulfill the password requirements of other mobile apps. It also provides Bluetooth 4.0 support on compatible devices.

The Hushio Key is a USB key that reads passwords from the Hushio App via encrypted Bluetooth 4.0 connection and then types the password into the user’s computer. With the USB keyboard simulation, the Hushio Key can work with almost any computer applications, regardless what hardware platform, OS and software it is working with. No extra driver or software is needed.

Additionally, the interlock between the Hushio App and Hushio Key adds an extra layer of security to protect the user’s critical password data. As Hushio Key is offline, it also eliminates the risk of potential cyber attacks.

Currently, Hushio Inc. has entered its pre-sale phase. The estimated retail price of the Hushio Key is $24. The Hushio App will be a free app for iOS and Android devices.

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