Access 2007 - macro automation contiguous emails webserver

josmojosmo Bellevue, WA

webserver email code other than resorting to Inetpub www directory; how to setup
an email macro automation and change/replace the file name continuously, (one after the other automation) after sending daily file names...(not sure how to include a macro or VBA or module code); I'm able to send the email through
macro but receive prompts and would want to automate sending an .html file and .xls record
file and then automate additional re-writes after deleting the table and accepting more

currently the macro configuration is; line one "openform - Customers1"; second line "find record = 100"; third line "Open Query - Over 100"; fourth line - "Output to - table-customers"; fifth line "Close"; sixth line "transferspreadsheet - export"; seventh line "Clear macro error"; eighth line "send object - Table-customer"; eighth line "transfer text-export Html"

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