Want to Convert Old Pascal Program to Something Windows-Based

I have a short Pascal script that someone wrote for me in 1982. I found it useful. I would like to use it again. Are there Pascal programmers who would know how to convert this program into something that would run on Windows 7?

Thanks in advance.


  • I 've worked with Pascal end of the 90's, i can take a look at it, but would choose a more modern language to reimplement it :)

  • I suggest Free Pascal Compiler, free software project hosted by sourceforge. Used with Geany is IDE, works good for Pascal and Delphi programming. If you want to make a bigger devel, I suggest Lazarus. It´s based on Free Pascal compiler but has a very interesting IDE for Windows development (many controls: buttoms, labels timers, etc alike VB). Both projects are cross platform with Linux. Lazarus states: write once, compile everywhere. In my newby opinion, a good RAD system. Hope this info to be useful for you

  • I have already ported it to C# console app for Raywood, so in that sense, he should be fine :)

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