Introduction to Grinder and Dust Collector in Mining

The grinding machine can grind the large solid materials into small pieces. A general grinding system is made up of coarse, secondary and fine grinding devices, iron ore crushing plant and transmission devices. The effects are quite different in various grinding machines when using different grinding machines according to kinds of crushing materials.
When the grinding machine works, the motor drives the main shaft and the turbine to spin at a high speed; the turbine and the grinding blocks on the screen cloth complete the crushing and grinding process. The materials once entered into the machine cavity strongly impact the turbine blades in the swirling edge and get ground again between the blades and grinding blocks, wet grinding ball mill thus getting crushed completely.
The dust collector as a necessary device in the grinding process is mainly used to separate the fine dust from the gas which on the one hand reduces air pollution, on the other hand reuses the dust and improve resource utilization. Dust collectors can be divided into the filter type, particle house type, dry type and wet type dust collectors, etc. Different production technologies result to different dust removal ways.
Blast capacity is an important factor to consider when choosing the right dust collector. Usually the dust collector can’t work under the ground over the specified temperature; otherwise it’s easy to shorten its service life. When selecting a dust collector, diamond mining machines we should consider the maximum temperature it can stand; if the temperature is too high, cooling measures must be taken.
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