App developed in WinXP x86, with "COMDLG32.OCX" was working in Win8.0 x64, works not in Win8.1 x64

mksftmksft Slovakia


I developent very simple app in Visual Basic 6.0 in Windows XP 32-bit. It was working in Widows 8.0 64-bit too, I needed only add COMDLG32.OCX to %windir% - now I have installed Windows 8.1 64-bit and added COMDLG32.OCX to %windir% and app works not, reports only error message "Component COMDLG32.OCX or one of its dependencies is missing or corrupted"...

What it means? Really I know that XP was 32-bit and Win8.1 is 64-bit but Win8.0 was also 64-bit and there was working.
To be sure I copied COMDLG32.OCX from WinXP %windir% on other computer and works not.
Also, Win8.1 was rebooted, problem remains...

Thank you for every help.


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