Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Parts & Kits

Prime Corporation is manufacturer of ingersoll rand air compressor replacement parts, Kits and compressors. Prime Corporation is dealing with Type-30, Type-40, ESV, ESH, IHE, HHE, HSE, LLE, XLE, SSR, SSR-1000 Series, SSR-2000 Series Models.
Ingersoll Rand Type-30 Air Compressor Models : 5T2NL, 7T, 7T2, 7T4, 7V, 10T, 10T2, 10T3NL, 15T, 15T2, 15T4, 20T, 20T2, 25T, 25T2, 30T, 71T, 71T2, 231, 234, 242, 253, 255, 2340, 2475, 2540, 2545, 3000, 7100, SS3, SS5

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