Electrical fires can be deadly warns New Hampshire electrician Gus Rainone

Farmington, NH (July 25th 2014)- New Hampshire electrician, Gus Rainone cautions that every year there are more than 20,000 home electrical fires with more than 500 people killed.

“It’s never a good idea to cut corners with construction or remodeling, “ says New Hampshire electrician, Gus Rainone. “Cutting corners by having a handyman or others who are not licensed electricians do electrical work can be downright dangerous.”

According to NH electrician Rainone, people regularly call him to repair electrical work that unqualified people have performed in their homes and businesses. “In the end, they wind up paying more for the work, because we have to undo what was done wrong and then do it over again the right way so it’s safe and meets code,” he explained

“Anyone can run down to The Home Depot or Lowes and purchase some electrical boxes and wire,” says NH electrician Rainone. “But there’s a wide array of wire, circuit breakers, boxes and outlets that have very specific purposes.” Put the wrong things together and things might not work. Or, even worse a deadly house fire can be the result.”

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About Rainone Electric
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