Luxon Delivers is ready to deliver Record-breaking Performance and Dramatic Efficiencies

Luxon Delivers is ready to deliver Record-breaking Performance and Dramatic Efficiencies with its new Universal In-Memory Analytics Engine
Offerings enable rapid business results with a reliable infrastructure for large and medium -scale data analytics and business processing workloads.
Houston, Texas. Jul. 24, 2014 —Luxon today announced the brand new In-Memory based Analytics Engine, which is first of its kind aimed to serve SME markets across the globe.
As part of the industry’s broadest scale-up portfolio, Luxon’s In-Memory Analytics Engine aims to deliver breakthrough performance for mission-critical and data-intensive workloads with advanced reliability.
The overwhelming volume of information driven by the growth in mobility, cloud and social media is changing the way organizations do business. Organizations must deliver more transactions in less time at a lower cost, while leveraging big data analytics to turn information into insight. As a result, IT must change and scale to address the need for extremely fast business application performance and drive better business decisions.
The new generation of Luxon In-Memory Analytical Engine’s delivers the optimal combination of compute performance, efficiency and reliability for business processing and complex data analytics.
Unleashing the power of business Applications with Luxon In-Memory Analytics Engine:
The new Luxon In-Memory Analytics Engine is based on modern technology and advanced processors, offers the highest levels of performance and availability for demanding database workloads.
Luxon Analytics Engine specialties include:
• Record-breaking performance, leveraging In-Memory technology that accelerates business transactions up to 100 times faster compared to your traditional systems.
• Efficiency improvements through infrastructure consolidation and intelligent management to provide a 50 percent reduction in total cost of ownership.
• World’s first of its kind In-Memory engine, that is compatible with Independent Software Vendors (ISV), Luxon is designed to give same solid performance for any Business/Software application.
"With the increased performance and higher memory capacity of Luxon In-Memory analytics Engine, we can provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions to dissolve big data bottlenecks,” says Bryan Mark, chief executive officer, Luxon In-Memory. “This technology reduces capital and operational costs, allowing us to continue building the world’s fastest data transformation, data quality and data simplification appliance-based solutions.”
"Organizations demand extremely fast business application performance in order to keep up with today’s hyper connected world,” said Thomas Joshua, Executive vice president and general manager, Enterprise Business.

Pricing and availability
• The Luxon In-Memory Analytics Engine is available for order worldwide starting at $10,989.
• The Analytics Engine is expected to be available for the enterprises from 28th of July 2014.

Media contacts
Maleo Reiner

About Luxon:
At Luxon, we believe that data is emerging as the world's newest resource for competitive advantage, and analytics is the key to make sense of it. To make Enterprise Analytics work effective, organizations need best in class hardware to run its business applications. Luxon is a Universal “In-Memory Hardware” Analytics engine, designed and developed by technology experts to serve the needs of global organizations in small and medium sector (or) SME’s. Luxon aims to cut down the costs for running your organizations analytics by 50 percent compared to existing analytics engines like HANA, Exalytics. Luxon supports all the traditional databases including latest innovations like SAP HANA, Oracle 12C. Luxon runs your reports 100X faster compared to your traditional engines. Luxon is built on reliable and proven best in class Hardware system architecture.Follow Luxon Analytics on Twitter @LuxonIn.

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Address: Edison, New Jersey

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