Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from an iPhone

Text messages don't actually get deleted

Apple iOS stores every text message you ever made on your iPhone even you have deleted. When you using spotlight search to find something and maybe you will find that some text conversations you made months ago, which were deleted by yourself, are still showing up!

Apple customer support confirmed that and told me the only way to permanent remove all text messages and emails , is to do a master reset, or restore to factory setting on iTunes. This method will wipe all data from your phone. Your contacts , apps, and settings are also erased.

So, if you deleted your text messages by mistake. Lost data after jailbroken or upgrade to the latest iOS. You still have chance to retrieve them. Here we show you 3 ways to recover text messages you deleted from an iPhone.

We have 3 ways to retrieve our deleted text messages from iPhone.

  1. Recover data from iCloud
  2. Restore deleted messages from iTunes Backup
  3. Using a third-party iPhone Data Recovery tool
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