A learning Game Project

Hi Everyone,

We have started a learning project named cyberbitgame [1], that will help others to learn about game programming. We will discuss and share our knowledge about how software development works, and what we learned in our past days.

We are not so experienced programmer, but still as it's a learning project, we share our knowledge and learn from it. We will try to cover from very basic start to advance end of the project. Interested one can join this. And yes, I would appreciate if some experienced users give some of their valuable time, about reviewing about our code, that would be very helpful and generous for us too.

Game is linux/windows platform based, and we are using C++ and SDL 1.2

We are looking for artists too.

[1] => https://github.com/cyberbitgame/cyberbitgame

Please join our Mailing Groups, if you are interested:



Important Link: Docs

P.S. : There is a presentation on next Sunday, our first presentation on git & github. So, don't miss it.

Thanks. Sarvsav.

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