Unity game in need of Ai programmer

This is for a Sci-fi game that incorporates some rogue like elements and long stemming narrative like mass effect. We are a team of 7 at the moment and are in need of an AI programmer. Someone who is familiar with working with a 3D environment and all the things that come along with AI programming, preferably proficient in C#.

  • Attacking PC within a distance
  • Aiming for specific targets once certain conditions are met
  • Running away when certain conditions are met
  • Adjusting the speed and direction depending on the position of the PC
  • Changing behaviors of movement and attack when certain conditions are met

I am only a designer on the team and have small grasp on these concepts, other than the simple game object diagrams you would use to describe them. So there is probably more too it than what was mentioned here.

In any case, we are committed people who want to see this done and have something nice to show for it at then end. For those that want to build up their portfolios and work within a a game dev team.When finished and put up on digital distribution there would be some sort of compensation.

The team so far is made up of 2 designers, a programmer, 3 modellers and a music producer. We are very early in development with a few design sheets and models. But plan to get right into it in these next few days.

If you are interested in the game and have any questions please send them at radioactive_rats@outlook.com

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