FPGA from / to PC Data

In fact, I'm working on a project which aims to implement a reconfigurable Zigbee tranceiver on XUPV5-LX110T Evaluation platform which integrates a Virtex 5 FPGA. I am currently in the phase of real test.
First, I want to send my data from a PC to FPGA and receive it (to treat my signals on Matlab). Is this possible or not? If yes, Is there a solution for it using a medium of communication (e.g. serial link)
Second, is there a measuring equipment and testing (e.g. Agilent or National Instruments using PXI) which supports the Zigbee wireless protocol or otherwise IEEE 802.15.4 standard (i.e. RF Vector Signal Generator and Vector Signal Analyzer) of the analog front-end either in transmission or reception?
And thanks a lot in advance for everyone.

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