PRESS RELEASE - MobiForms Mobile Development Tool Now Supports Full Remote Database Synchronisation

The latest version of the MobiForms Advanced Edition mobile development tool now supports full remote database synchronisation with HTML5 apps. As well as supporting the creation of HTML5 apps the MAE continues to support the creation of traditional Native apps for Windows Mobile, Android and Apple iOS.

The MAE enables bi-directional data replication, sychronisation and offline buffering between just about any master back office database server or ERP package (such as Oracle Apps, SAP, Navision, Dynamics etc.), and any Native or HTML5 MobiForms client running on a host of platforms including Apple iPhone, iPad and iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.  Supported back office database servers include Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Sybase, IBM DB2, SQLite, HSQLDB, Firebird and MySQL.

The MAE exploits the latest mobile web technology including the Web Socket data protocol and the presence of the SQLite database engine embedded as Web SQL in most modern mobile web browsers.

The MAE now provides all the tools necessary to support the full mobile development lifecycle for both Native and HTML5 database apps including:

  • Definition of database replication rules from the master database or ERP package
  • Creation and defintion of mobile users
  • Building a seed mobile database based on a subset of the master database
  • Creation of a mobile app using the seed mobile database
  • Deployment of the mobile app using the seed mobile database natively or Over The Air (OTA) via a web server in HTML5 mode
  • Bi-directional data replication and status updates between the master database and the mobile client database
  • Supports a corporate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy
  • Supports a corporate Cloud hosting strategy - can be hosted by any internal or external web server

Unlike most competing products, the MobiForms Advanced Edition offers a total solution for a once off licence fee without any of the traditional constraints.

The MobiForms Advanced Edition can be downloaded from the MobiForms web site at:

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