Cappec's Bluetooth Wireless BBQ Thermometer

CAPPEC was first launched in April 2014 on
CAPPEC is a young and dynamic consumer electronic brand, established in 2013.
CAPPEC focuses most of its resources on designing and developing user-friendly and state-of-the-art products.

The state-of-the-art OVEN/BBQ thermometer

CAPPEC announces its newest product; a wireless thermometer with the new Bluetooth (4.0) technology. It doesn’t require a receiver unit, since it connects directly to your Android or Apple device. CAPPEC provides its users a free app that can be programmed to the meat and the desired doneness of meat. The great thing about the thermometer is that CAPPEC includes two highly accurate Japanese sensor probes, so one can keep track on both steaks on your BBQ at the same time.

Highlighted functions include

  • Choose your meats from Beef to Lamb to Fish
  • Chose from Raw to Well-done
  • Select the USDA standard or Gourmet standard
  • Set reminders when to turn or marinate your roast.
  • Get an estimate when your meat is ready
  • Splash proofed (IPX4)
  • See a real-time graph of your cooks.
  • Check your last roasts/BBQs.
  • Switch between units C to F.
  • Keep track of two steaks at the same time

With the user in mind CAPPEC strives to give each product the feel and functions it needs to stay a unique and useful product instead of being a trendy gadget.
With our developing team minded on value for money, we are able innovate and compete on a much higher level than our competitors.

CAPPEC’s BBQ thermometer NS-BTH01 is launched on for 69.95 USD and is for a limited time discounted with 15% against the coupon code: “CAPPRPEC”

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