Autofurnish Launches Summer Products: Water Spray Guns for Cars & Bikes

Summer is fastly approaching. Two months of the year have already passed and summer will be soon upon us. So Autofurnish is all set to unleash its brand new Water Spray Guns for cars and bikes. The maker launched a comprehensive range of car cleaning and care products providing complete propositions for all types of cars from hatchback to sedan and SUV. This time, we introduce special water spray guns for bikes also. Keeping in mind, the growing segment of luxury bikes, it becomes very mandatory for bike lovers to keep their beauties away from dust and dirt.
The overall creative direction to launch highly innovative car and bike cleaning products is to ensure 100% security and safety for vehicles from seasonal dust storms, heavy rains and city pollution. By launching these revolutionary products, Autofurnish tries to meet all expectations of customers who always ask for some simple and effective solutions that not only save their precious time but money as well.

This time, customers will find amazing summer products for their cars and bikes such as
EZ Jet Water Cannon 8 in 1 Turbo Water Spray Gun:This is a great multi-tasking product. It washes away different types of dirt, dust, leaves from sidewalks, gutters, windows and can also be used in cleaning house exteriors, steps, boats and sliding doors.
12V DC Car Vacuum Cleaner Heavy Duty: This is a portable mini vacuum cleaner for car, caravan and office. It can be used directly from car lighter and occupies a very little space.

Autofurnish Pressure Washing Water Spray 10 Meter Expandable Pipe for Cars and Bikes: This is one of the hottest summer products unleashed by Autofurnish which can be used for cars and bikes. It comes up with adjustable spray head, tap adapter, plastic fittings, 10 meters expandable pipe and with 15 days vendor warranty.
The best part is that all these summer products come at a very attractive prices, colors and patterns. You can choose from a large variety of options available at the site. In addition, there are many more car and bike cleaning products launched by Autofurnish that will surely grab your attention.

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