I'm trying to develop a 3d graphics engine, i use a framebuffer class which is of my own creation but the fps is too low, and i think it's because i use putpixel() function from winbgim library,

my function to show framebuffer on screen is:

void framebuffer::showonscreen( ){

int i;
for(int y=0; y < length; y++)
    for(int x=0; x < width; x++)
        i = x + screeny[y];
        putpixel(x, y, colbuf[i]);


Is there any alternative to this putpixel function or a technique to speed it up, or any other manual(without using libraries) way

I heard about giving a direct access to memory blocks, or using the vram

Would any one know how to help me in this problem?

Please, HELP is appreciated.


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