Rodriguez said she doesn't ever wish to weight 265 pounds again.

"It took me many years to get that image from my head after i looked in a mirror," she said.

She is now more determined than ever before to lose weight and become healthier. She recently lost Ten pounds and today weighs 210 pounds but wants to lose 60 more.

"I want to be healthy," she said.

Like a nurse, Rodriguez said she's seen firsthand what obesity can result in, including cardiovascular disease.

"It is a huge, major problem in this community," she said.

She added that her youngest cardiovascular disease patient was Twenty five years old and morbidly obese. She said slimming down can turn back effects of damage caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Rodriguez can also be an educator at the hospital where she works and wishes to change her life to inspire her patients to do exactly the same.

"It's really hard to educate people about losing weight and eating's really difficult to do that when you're a heavier person yourself," she said.

Rodriguez said after she gained some of her weight back, she felt really miserable and didn't have as much energy she accustomed to. Now that she's started to slim down, she said she has more energy and fewer pains and aches.

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