Frequency of numbers in an array, Please Help

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Please help. I have an programming assignment due and i can't figure out how to code it.

Complete the following code so that the program:
1. reads in any number of values in a given range
into an array of integers
2. counts the frequency of each value, storing
the results in a second array of integers
3. displays the results as the indices
and frequencies of the second array

include (iostream) --- wont let me do the less than sign

include (array)

using namespace std;

// Global constants
const int ARRAY_SIZE = 1000;
const int RANGE_SIZE = 100;

int main()
// TO DO: declare two arrays:
// 1. the array of integer values of size ARRAY_SIZE
// 2. the array of frequencies (integers) of
// size RANGE_SIZE

// TO DO: declare an integer variable for the # of values
// entered into the value array

// TO DO: read in user input into the value array, until either:
// 1. the user has entered a value outside
// the range {0, ..., RANGE_SIZE-1}, or
// 2. the value array is full (ARRAY_SIZE values have been
// entered by the user).

// TO DO: go through the value array, and for each value,
// increment its frequency in the frequency array
// HINT: for the value i, its element in the frequency array
// can be found at index i (0 <= i < RANGE_SIZE)

// TO DO: go through the frequency array, and display each
// value (index) and the corresponding frequency
// NOTE: only show value/frequency pairs for frequencies > 0

/* 25 points EXTRA CREDIT: display the value/frequency pairs
in order of decreasing frequency
For 20 points additional extra credit, modify/update (a copy of) your program so that it works for any range of numbers (not just 0 ... RANGE_SIZE-1).
For 10 points additional extra credit, modify/update (a copy of) your program so that defines and uses function templates to:
read in user input into the value array
calculate the frequency for each value into the frequency array
display the values and their respective frequencies


// done
return 0;
} // end main

Assignment posted above. The main program would be much appreciated, or just any help with it or the extra credits. Thank you so much


  • pampampampam philippines

    nice job ... i hope i can do like that.. help other.

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