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Hi there.
I'm looking for bibliography, studies, literature to my engineering work - "Anonymity (in web)" & yeah - I do realize that about this topic tomes of books can be written. I'd like to focus on things which not directly do identify user such as biometry, behavoirism, data collected about him and so go on. I've arleady did some digging which allowed for me to specify some issues (list mentioned below). What would you suggest to eventually remove or add to this list.
Biometrics (fingerprints, hands' geometry, voice sound, iris, veins, teeth, ears, lips, DNA, blood vessels & other not mentioned methods(authorization systems))
behaviorism (characteristics of handwriting, behavoir trackin(CourseSmart Analytics), targeting & contextual targeting, statistics, profiling, web tracking, user UI)
cookies (flash Cookies(Local Shared Objects), standard HTTP, evercookies, supercookies)
web browsers (mails, plugins, encryption methods (PGP etc), proxies (Java Anon Proxy etc), browser fingerprinting overall,metadata (photos etc, cloud storing (data))
mobile devices (phones (triangulation) & cloning (in terms of double authentication system), web cam & microphones)
Social engineering (in terms of IT & psychology behind it, identity theft)
programs (Blarney, Fairview, Oakstar, Echelon, Indect, Prism, Clean IT, Stormbrew, Riot & surveillance overall)
alternatives (Fidonet, GNUnet, I2P, ToR, MUTE & others P2P, VPNs, Ghostery)
others* (wifi, voip, mail, google (overall), sniffing (etc), DNS**, communication)

I'd like to avoid topics like : OS (whonix etc)/People Search Engines/Computer forencis. They're way too huge. Maybe "programs" will be kicked also due their sizes.

  • By "others" I meant those which are are difficult to somehow categorize.
    ** Due recent routers' vulnerabilities I thought to also include this but it is also an ocean topic
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