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First time I came here with my boyfriend, I had normal clothing on and a no-named red bag. A few sales associates approached me when I was browsing and they asked what bag I would like to see. They also offered us drinks so I said I wanted Coca Cola. I took one look and pointed at a bag which was called an Alma. I didn't even know the name of it. I went home and after the persuasion of my mom,http://www.louisvuittonc.com/, I thought the smaller Alma looked cuter or I should get a Brea instead because it looked more versatile. My mom and I went back to the Soho store to take a look at the smaller Alma and the Brea. The sales associates greeted us in the same manner as the first time, nice and very genuine. They didn't pressure us to buy anything and were very helpful when we kept asking to check out bags in different colors. They offered us a drink again. http://www.louisvuittonc.com/ I finally decided to exchange for the Brea so I went there a third time. Same splendid service. The sales associates were very nice to me and we had no problems there. I was 20 years old, they definitely did not make me seem like I couldn't afford their products. However, the employees at LV Herald Square Macys has to work on their attitudes.

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