louis vuitton

The sales associates here were nice and polite. However, the security guards made me feel a little uncomfortable. They were following me around like I was going to steal something. There didn't seem to be a sales associate nearby, so I turned to the security guard and was going to ask him if someone could help me. Before I even got the chance to do so, he said "Need help?" After I nodded, he immediately called someone over to assist me. It was as if he felt the need to have a set of eyes on me at all times. Once the sales associate came,http://www.louisvuittonc.com/, he left. I felt it was unnecessary for the security guard to follow me to the lower level and stand behind the counter as if I was going to steal something. The bags on the display shelf are clearly locked in place and I'm sure there's enough surveillance in the store. http://www.louisvuittonc.com/
The sales associate who assisted me was kind and patient in showing me the bags. She was very helpful and nice. There is definitely better customer service here compared to the 5th ave location. I would come back, but be wary of the security guards always trying to keep an eye on you.

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