looking for part time delphi coder and assistance in rad studio xe4 /xe5 as required in the future

i i'm looking for someone in the UK preferably that can not only help me install and set up Rad studio and components to my PC and get a program to compile here on my machine , as i have been given the task to work on an opensource program , and i know squat about delphi and rad studio xe4 and xe5 , so looking for help in getting it set up , and also for the person to help on a part time as required basis at a rate to be agreed per hour in the future
this work could be anything from an hour or even weeks if the person is comfortable , going with the flow , until the project gets established

i was thinking along the lines of remote access to my network , so a student or whoever can setup the environment here , and then perhaps set up github for future , i'm open to ideas , the project at the moment is on radstudio xe4 , although i'l like it on XE5 ,

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