How to display a unsigned long long value with a space after 4 digits

Hi All,
I am trying to display a hexa decimal value with length ranging from (40 digits to 60 digits)
as a result of SHA1HMAC algorithm. I have to display that hexa number in the format of 4 digits and after that a space
(eg: 0x1234 5678 90AB CDEF ....)

I am using the below code but i am getting a compile error on Linux
it is giving the below error with the same above code though i have used unsignd long long as the data type
for value .Please let me know if you have any idea/suggestion on this.

**error: right shift count >= width of type **

And also
please let me know how to avoid hard coding of here with shifts. I mean here i used 11 groups of 4 digits by using >> (shift) operator.
but is there any way that we can dynamically get the format string with different length of value ?
and also what could be the
max value of a int64 value ? i mean how many max digits can it have ?

Please let me know how to handle this scenario and fix this. It would be great if I dynamically format because
the length of the hexa decimal number may vary(from 40 digits to 60 digits)

Appreciate your help.



ifdef _MSC_VER

inline unsigned __int64 strtoull(const char *nptr, char **endptr, int base)
{ return _strtoui64(nptr, endptr, base); }


std::string result = "123456789ABCDEF123456789ABCDEF1234567890ABCDEF"
unsigned long long value = strtoull(result.c_str(),NULL,16 ) ;

std::string resultString;
char formatString[58] = {0};

sprintf(formatString,"0x%04X %04X %04X %04X %04X %04X %04X %04X %04X %04X %04X",
(unsigned)(value >> 160ULL) & 0xFFFF,
(unsigned)(value >> 144ULL) & 0xFFFF,
(unsigned)(value >> 128ULL) & 0xFFFF,
(unsigned)(value >> 112ULL) & 0xFFFF,
(unsigned)(value >> 96ULL) & 0xFFFF,
(unsigned)(value >> 80ULL) & 0xFFFF,
(unsigned)(value >> 64ULL) & 0xFFFF,
(unsigned)(value >> 48ULL) & 0xFFFF,
(unsigned)(value >> 32ULL) & 0xFFFF,
(unsigned)(value >> 16) & 0xFFFF,
(unsigned)value & 0xFFFF);

    resultString = formatString;


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