Pass Asp:label in javascript


<img onmouseover="javascript:fnSetText('8','Name','ID','Date of Joining','Sponsor Name (ID)','Package Name','','Total Left : Middle : Right Count','Confirm Left : Middle : Right Count','','','','','Award Qualification','BOB','SUPER48826','19/8/2011','SUPER-JAGAN (SUPER30174)','Pkg-3(Multiple Joining of 1+3)( Rs.22160.00 )','','56 : 1 : 640','56 : 1 : 625','','','','','-')" src="Images/businessman-xl (1).png"' " border='0' alt='View downline of 212' class='genealogy-img no-border' style='width: 40px; height: 40px;' />

the above is my code .It is working fine but now i want to make some part dynamic Like my Name("BOB") .so for that i decided to pass label into this function.But don't know how to pass through it. Can you please help me out reagrding this. or is their any other method to solve this problem.

What above code dose:
when u take mouse over some image it will display the above details.

What i want to do.
Need to pass some label so that i can pass my dynamice value into that label and pass it in this script


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