ACL 100s and 135s make Great Retrofits for Gas Stations and Gas Station Canopies

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South Bend, Indiana (February 7, 2014) – Leading manufacturer of quality induction lighting solutions, American Green Technology (AGT) is helping gas stations find retrofit solutions for their lighting canopies. The retrofit option is the most economical way for fixtures to be changed to energy efficient lighting. Now, lighting systems can be modified with the ACL 100s or 135s to save energy and maintain adequate lighting for any area.

The US based company offers a full line of retrofit kits. Two of their most popular gas station retrofit kits include ACL-100s and ACL-135s. The retrofit kits are designed to fit into the most popular model typically known as the Scottsdale or Under Canopy Light (UCL) glass lens canopy light. The existing fixtures can stay mounted during the whole installation. The process is as simple as opening the glass lens, removing the old lamp and screwing in a new one. After that, the old generator is removed and a new generator is connected. Only Five leads need to be connected.

The entire installation takes no more than 5 minutes and provides optimum brightness that spreads out evenly and substantially. Based on the average gas station canopy containing 20 to 24 light, the easy setup allows one person to change all the lamps in a single day. The economical design and versatile size of the ACL-100 and ACL-135 do not require excessive handling and allow for easy installation, as well as maintenance.

Customers who have used the retrofits claim that their performance is both excellent and efficient.

The ACL 135 replaces a 325 watt metal halide and yet matches the light performance. This, in addition to the added benefit of 65% energy cost savings, makes retrofitting a viable investment. In addition, the induction lamps run much cooler and also boast of 100,000-hours worth of lamp life on a general basis.

AGT and its distributor partners have successfully installed over 10,000 gas station lights throughout the nation. An increasing number of gas stations are choosing to retrofit their canopies with the ACL-100 or ACL-135 models especially since the technology has provided consumers the chance to save maintenance time and money.

“We wanted to ensure our customers that there is no need to turn away valuable business due to construction time or interference,” said Meredith Jimenez, Corporate Communications Director. “Most gas stations opt for ACLs and it is easy to see why. The retrofits can be seamlessly installed in one day, reduce energy and maintenance costs and illuminate a station with beautiful, crisp, bright light that makes their customers feel safer at night. It’s a great solution.”

AGT also offers the BTR-01 and 02 that can be used in other gas station fixtures. For more information about the company, please refer to the following details –


Meredith Jimenez

American Green Technology

1 (269) 340-9975

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