For our Project

Hello admin,
I'm new here in forums. This is for our project.
I would like to create an educational program for example

i'll type for the label.

1+1= "textbox"

And if they get the right answer a check mark will appear beside the textbox else X.

Do you get me? This is just an idea, still don't know what to do in VB.


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA

    I highly recommend taking some tutorials. You want to start with "Making my first program, Hello world".

    If you know that much then, some of the things you will want to know how to do is,
    -Write code in the Form_Load function to set up things on your form
    -Create objects on the form dynamically (or alternatively, have a preset ammount of problems to be solved and when they are answered, have a button to reset your program)
    -Declare variables outside of the functions to use later on when answers are provided
    -Make your own function and call it
    -Make random numbers
    -Use more complicated if statement logic to determine if all of the answers are correct so you can "continue" and use the function you made to reset the form

    If you are new to programming, you will want to learn about data Types first,
    integer, float, decimal, double, string, char, Enumerators, Class Objects

    Then learn about functions, how to make your own, and how they are set to handle events that occur (code executes when this certain thing happens)

    I hope this helps you get started learning. I wish I could offer you help for where to start learning. w3Schools is a great place for Html CSS and stuff, and I think they have VB stuff in there.

  • yeah, i also recommend you do more basic applications like the hello world application before you start with selective structures in visual studio

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