Cannot find installable ISAM

In VB6 on WIN XP pro sp3, I have successfully connected to MS Access 2003 using DAO. I am able to populate as database table with very little effort. However, while still in VB6, when I try to attach an Excel worksheet I keep getting the error Can't find installable ISAM. I remember getting this error 20 years ago, but then the systems people fixed it. I can not I even tried to upgrade the msvbvm60.dll. This does not work. I am trying to put the database table into Excel. Here is a sample of my code:

strExcelFile = App.Path & "\MySpreadSheet.xls"
strWrkshtName = "WorkSheet1"
strTable = "tblFileInfo"
Set MyTable = DAODB.OpenRecordset("tblFileInfo", dbOpenDynaset)

'If excel file already exists, you can delete it here
'If Dir(strExcelFile) <> "" Then
'    Kill strExcelFile
'End If

Set objExcelApp = New Excel.Application
Set objExcelWkb = objExcelApp.Workbooks.Open(FileName:=strExcelFile)

'Set objExcelWks = objExcelWkb.Worksheets(strWrkshtName) ****THIS IS WHERE I GET THE ERR MSG, WHICH IS NOT TRAPPABLE

strDB = MyFile

'Set objDB = OpenDatabase(strDB)  THE DB IS ALREADY OPENED

   eSQL = "SELECT * INTO [Excel 11.0;DATABASE=" & strExcelFile & ";HDR=Yes]." & strWrkshtName & " FROM [tblfileinfo]"

DAODB.Execute eSQL

objExcelWkb.Close True
Set objExcelApp = Nothing

Any help would be appreciated.


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