Not recognized external WD Scorpio Blue Hard drive shows as Not Initialized in Computer:HD password

 I own an old WX3200BPVT-75ZESTO which is WD Scorpio Blue which came up with "Predicted hard drive failure",

so I bought TrueImage14 software to image it. But I had to put the new hard drive into the laptop and take out
the old hard drive . I had a hard drive password on the old hard drive which I did not take off the old hard drive.
Now I cannot access nor see the old hard drive in a Sabrent docking stationand I cannot see it in Computer Management. I bought an Upgrade to version5 of GetData's RecoverMyFiles data recovery software and tried to find partitions and recover my files on the old hard drive but it could not find any partitions and any files. The owner of GetData also believes that I cannot see nor access the old WD Scorpio Blue hard drive because it has the hard drive password on it.

 Is there any way to delete or access the hard drive password or the WD Scorpio Blue with out taking 

out the new hard drive, replacing it with the old hard drive and deleting the password and then taking
it out and then replacing the new hard drive ? I found HDD Unlock Wizard but that wipes everything
off the disk and I want to recover 170 GB of data.

 Where can I find a free tool to remove the password from WD drives and most others ?

 In current WD models the password is stored in firmware module #02 

in a hidden System Area (SA) on the drive's platters. An end user will use the
standard ATA Security feature set to access this password, whereas data recovery professionals
will use commercial tools to access the password directly by reading or writing SA MOD 02.

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