Sql server Database Design For Scool managment system

I am New in Creating Database Tables in SQL Server, And I am developing School management System(Web based)and I design Attendance table Like

1.Frist class Attendance Table
2.Secound class Attendance Table
3.third class Attendance Table
4.fourth class Attendance Table
5.class Attendance Table
6.class Attendance Table
7.class Attendance Table
8.class Attendance Table
9.class Attendance Table
10.class Attendance Table

and also with Two Section(Section A, And section B),so total I have 20 Tables for Students Attends, so..i would like know this is correct way to design Database Tables for School management System (or)we can decrees tables. And also I created 20 tables for Marks entry and Fee Management

thanks for your time...let me know...

thanks for your supporting ...

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