This is in python 3.3, Software sales. I am new to programming

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A software company sells a package that retails for 99$. Quantity discounts are given according to the following table. 10-19=20% 20-49=30% 50-99= 40% 100 or more =50% . write a program that ask the user to enter the number of packages purchased. the program should then display the amount of the discount (if any) and the total amount of the purchase after the discount.


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    This is actually pretty simple, I'm a beginner too so there isn't much for me to lose.

    I would start by defining a function or getting an input, and store it in a temp. variable. Use a couple conditionals to check the value of this variable. For example, if I input 15 as my # of packages, then the program would check and see that it is between 10 and 19. As a result, the program should output 20%. To display the final price use this.

    It just subtracts the discount from the total price

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