How to present secondary objects in SDL2 and C++?

I'm wondering what would be the best way of presenting a layer of objects (secondary) on a map such as grass, treasure chests, signs, fences, houses, etc. My map system is the one from which a few tweaks here and there for a camera system.

The game is an adventure game like Zelda A Link To The Past. I don't have the graphics yet, but I'll work on them later.

What I was thinking of doing is doing like I did for my map - it loads in a unique ID and multiplies that by a amount of tiles on the map to get the tile position, but what I'd do is have an object list that lists where the objects are on a map, their unique dimensions (e.g. 240x240 vs a 32x160 area) and just load those objects like I do the map with a unique ID, would this be better for performance? I think that loading each individual item is a bit much as if I have tons of items on the screen and having to blit that itself would get tedious and costly, but maybe I'm wrong.

I'm using C++, SDL2, and vectors to store my map tile information.

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