I want an advance Visual C++ programmer to do some modification

I have a source code of an application i want to add the subject into it , Language and IDE programming:

Visual C++ (current version 9.0). No additional libraries are used (crtl, mfc, etc.). Supported OS:

XP/Vista/Seven, as well as 2003/2003R2/2008/2008R2. Included work under Windows x64, but only for 32-x bits processes. Also retained full bot work under active "Terminal Servers" sessions.

Action principle:

Apps is based on intercepting WinAPI, by splicing in ring3 (user mode), by running a copy of its code in each process of the user (without using DLL).

I want to add Mozilla and chrome form grabber to the source code , i would provide everything you need to help you finish within 1 day

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