Read 64bit registry from 32bit app, in VB.NET

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Hy guys.

I have a serious problem. I'm working on a project and i need to finish it tomorrow.

The problem is that i need to get a registry value, like this:

(32 bit) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\TeamSpeak 3 Client
(64 bit) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TeamSpeak 3 Client

I read tons of forum topics, blogs, tutorials, and i can't find the answer. The idea is that i need to get the install path for TeamSpeak3 from registry, and for the 32bit app its stored in SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\TeamSpeak 3 Client, but when i try to get the 64bit app path from SOFTWARE\TeamSpeak 3 Client i get the same path as the 32bit app.

I know i can bypass this by targeting 64bit CPUs. But I NEED to get the 64bit app path from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TeamSpeak 3 Client with my 32bit app.

How can i do that, IN VB.NET?

Please help! Thanks...


  •     Dim TS__x64 As Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey = Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.OpenBaseKey _
                                                (Microsoft.Win32.RegistryHive.LocalMachine, Microsoft.Win32.RegistryView.Registry64)
        Dim CALE_TS__x64 As String = TS__x64.OpenSubKey("SOFTWARE\TeamSpeak 3 Client").GetValue(Nothing)
        Dim TS__x32 As Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey = Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.OpenBaseKey _
                                        (Microsoft.Win32.RegistryHive.LocalMachine, Microsoft.Win32.RegistryView.Registry32)
        Dim CALE_TS__x32 As String = TS__x32.OpenSubKey("SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\TeamSpeak 3 Client").GetValue(Nothing)
        TextBox1.Text = CALE_TS__x64
        TextBox2.Text = CALE_TS__x32
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