develop critical software for linux target

hi everyone.

i'm new to linux. i'm going to develop a critical software that gets data through lan and show it graphically. after searching i decided to use linux kernel + rtai to be my Real-Time language is only c++.

now to develop software i have 2 options:

1- as a windows and vs2010 programmer, i leave windows and move to a linux distribution and develop software using a good ide that i don't know well...

2- i stay in windows and use to cross-compile for linux target using some cross-compile tools...

the first option is better for me because i have many other windows-based tools that i don't want to loose them but if i have to, i'll handle it.

now my question is which one i choose? what about the performance and reliability? which one has more performance and reliability as it required for critical software? is it important to be linux- host developped or windows cross-compile?

and the way you gus propose me please tell me how and with which development tools and ide i could do that.

thank u.

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