Please Help ASAP, tried but getting problems!!

  1. Write in pascal, codes that will allow the entry of 10 persons which will include: Name, Sex, Destination too, Destination from, Traveling Class, Passport No. and Luggage amount. The codes should display persons traveling class and destination to by grouping them together. The code should print the person(s) that has the most luggage amount. The code should print the person(s) whose passport should be renewed.


  • use a record. I will post the full answer as soon as I can cause I'm too busy now :-s

  • ok then, kool. thanks

  • Type rec=record
              nm,sex,desto,desfr,tra,pas,lug : string;
    Var  arr=array [1..10] of rec;

    I don't get the first and the third query :-s can you give an example, cause I even don't have a passport. And in the first query, should I arrange with the priority for traveling class or destination to ?
  • it should be arranged by the traveling class then say which destination they will be heading towards, thankx.

  • ohh sorry, it should just be sorted by the destination and next to their name, say which class they will be flying.

  • hey #StupidKid, Please give me some assistance ASAP...really urgent.

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