Remote Working Python Developers Needed!

Fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic person to contribute to exciting projects and become a part of the fast growing organisation headquartered in London.

XeonTek Ltd is a small (but ambitious) company that are looking for a Remote working Intern web developer programmers to provide technical support and development support for its innovative web based applications.

Ideally you will have already taught yourself Python and have some understanding of Django . You will also be expected to know HTML, javascript, postgresSQL.

We would prefer candidates who already experience of using Git.

Location : Worldwide as long as you are able to communicate via Skype and other collaboration tools used by the company.

All interns would mostly work remotely as we encourage people to work flexible hours. The deadlines will be set by your supervisor and you must adhere to that. On some occasions you may need to attend face to face meetings (travel to our London office will be covered)

Please Note : This is not a paid position at this point of time. After 3 months your performance will be evaluated and your status in the organisation will be reviewed based on the evaluation done by your superiors.You will also get the opportunity to network and connect with the right people in the industry.

This is a great opportunity for anyone trying to break into a career in Python, gain relevant work experience, working with an international team .


  • Chris_01Chris_01 Buenos Aires

    I d like to know how to apply and or contact in order to take advantage of this opportunity. Thanks

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