Opening Windows Speech training progrqammatically?

Good Day,

I have been developing kinect application for the past couple years. The latest of my apps, and probably the one I have been developing the longest (I won't even tell you how long because it might make you cringe...), is called "Media Browser Kinect".

My application controls the Media Browser 3 Server and all its clients, from Iphones, Android phones, MCE, the "interwebs"; a whole bunch. I was even able to get real time Face Recognition working. No, not just Face Tracking, but Face Recognition, using emguCV and the Face Tracking DLLs from the kinect Tool kit. It's awesome! Considering the whole application has been developed in VB.Net (seriously try and find documentation for Kinect SDK for VB.Net...there's not a lot).

Because Media Browser 3 is User Based Media Library Organizer for Digitized Media, having the face recognition is really awesome. Logs you in, just like XBOX.

I have learned that the skeleton streams are far to intensive to keep running, so my application is based mostly around Speech Recognition, not the Camera Interaction. Although there are times where the cameras are turned on (one being the face recognition.)

I suppose that my Big Question, really is out side of the Kinect SDK, and more about the "System.Speech" Name Space.

Before anyone says anything, I know that the Kinect should probably use the "Microsoft.Speech" Namespace, however I really like the abilities the System.Speech Namespace gives me, so I have been utilizing it.

Could anyone...Anyone... please tell me how to do something that should be very, very simple.

I need to open the Speech Training window in Windows from my application.

I have searched, and searched, and literally searched. I have asked this question numerous times. I have read everything that shows up on Google, until literally Google wasn't showing anything more on the subjects.

I have asked this question numerous ways, and yet I can not get an answer.

I have tried using rundll32.exe with SpeechUX.dll

I have tried adding the "SpeechLib" namespace and using that API.

I have searched "user32.dll" imports and though maybe I could find it there.

I have looked into cpl files... and nothing...absolutely nothing. I could really use some help from one of the Microsoft Smarty Pants, because I feel as though over the past year I have exasperated my resources.

Thank you so much,


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