Can someone explain what is happening on this page?

My local online newspaper has recently changed it's format and has introduced a few irritations:

  • An article's comment form is restricted to 50px in height, even though you can type in a maximum of 4,000 characters, but not a big problem as I believe this can be easily fixed by changing 'resize: none' to 'resize: vertical' in the CSS declarations for that element.
  • What I cant figure is this; many posters punctuate longer comments with line breaks for readability, but on submitting the line breaks get removed. But, if there are more than 11 comments to the article a button appears - "View all Comments". If clicked on, all comments appear plus any missing line breaks in the previous 10 comments. Can anyone explain why/how this behaviour happens?

Example article and comments (sorry for the intrusive ads if you're not using an adblocker)

Thanks for any info.


  • I would imagine there a style sheet controlling the look of the text, plain text before (stripping out the html) and then html formatted after the button is clicked.

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