How to Fix the Broken Bobblehead?

Bobbleheads are excellent birthday gifts and they are used as decorations in diverse occasions. Some people place the bobbleheads in cars, offices or homes to gain the attention of the visitors. The custom bobbleheads can bobble their heads while someone touch the their heads. But too much touch will shorten the lifespan of the custom bobblehead and the heads may fall off. The bobble heads' owners must be happy to hear the news that is is not difficult to repair the broken toys within few minutes.

While the bobble head is repaired, it will become the impressive attraction again. Generally, the loose heads are caused by the poor adhesive ability of the glue. In advance of starting the repairing process, you need to check the reason first. A spring is used to connect the body and the head. While the spring is broken or damaged, it will lose the ability to bobble. And sometimes, the broken part may be at the neck post. To solve this problem, you need to glue the broken parts back to its primary place. And then the spring can be glued back to the neck post. While the glue become dry, you can play with the bobblehead again.

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