Macro to copy files from folders/subfolders

Hello All

I have gone through several threads. One of that was quite close:

However, I have a slight different problem.

I have a folder for year 2013, which will be 2014 obviously next year. This folder contains multiple subfolder, and further subfolders in each of them, and so on. My objective is to copy all the excel files in folder "2013" irrespective of which subfolder it is lying into. And want to copy all those .xls files in a seperate folder which I will create on my desktop. The names of the excel files can be same or may be different.

I want to know if there is a way out to this. Please be noted, as mentioned above, that there may be more than 1 file with same name in few of these subfolders. So can our macro automatically give a suffix to the file in the destination folder. For example, 3 files in Directory "2013" with name "AAA". Can the macro save these three files as "AAA", "AAA_1" & "AAA_2". Alternatively, I am fine with it, if the files are saved with the path name from where they have been copied.

Any help in this would be highly appreciable. Please let me know if more details needs to be furnished here.

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