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As any successful business owner will be able to attest, staff are the backbone of their company. Not only can the right staff ensure high levels of productivity and efficiency, but they also present the right image to customers or clients, ensuring the success and long term financial health of the business in question.

However, finding the right staff can cause problems for even the largest of companies. Not only is it essential to have personnel with the right qualifications and experience, but with team building being an essential consideration, those staff should have the right blend of personalities and attributes to make the team “gel” and work together effectively.

It’s little wonder then that recruiting staff causes such as headache for so many business owners and Human Resources professionals.

A nationwide Solution
For many business owners, the answer is to use a recruitment agency for their staffing needs. This way of working removes the headache of sourcing, interviewing and background checking the candidates and can ensure a much faster process for the person doing the recruiting. However, the immediate problem with recruitment agencies is the cost. With many charging per candidate and requiring payments throughout the employment of the successful candidate, there are few businesses who can justify the cost – even if the staff they manage to find will bring them financial rewards in the long term.

There is however a free and nationwide solution to the problem of sourcing high quality staff.

As the jobs market becomes more competitive, candidates are often looking for alternative ways to find their perfect job – and one such alternative is found in online classified adverts.

The beauty of classified advertisements such as those offered by are that they are free meaning that companies can now source out their ideal candidates without any financial outlay. Placing an advertisement could be done in as little as one step and with so many businesses having their own preferred methods or application, there is no script which needs to be adhered to, meaning that each business owner can advertise for and recruit the perfect candidate on their own terms.

In addition to open vacancies, free classifieds for home services, sales, real estate and relationships can also be placed and responded to.

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