Hey I just started with programming cause I have a program in mind but it might be a little to much, anyway, I'd like to know which programm might help me most. I want it to be a small program which pops up with start up (I know how to do that) when you have started it, I'd like it to be a picture with room underneath to put in commands and see replies (sort of chat box really) ultimatly, if it comes to that point, I'd like the program to be able to reconize voice commands, but for now, I'll stick with putting them in by hand. I'd like the program to be able to open anything that my computer could open by saying commands. I want it to be able to open a combination of other programs like teamspeak and games, but also any old document on my computer. Other little features that the program will respond to with anyday answers at random. So basically, I'd like to remake Siri for the computer with my own twist to it :P that's the basic idea I guess. I started of with .BAT. This is my checklist:

  • make program pop up on start up (checked)
  • make program respond on text. Example: how are you? program responds: I'm fine
  • make program start other programs when told to do so (also in combination) example: start Planetside. Program starts Planetside and runs teamspeak, possibly selecting the right channel I need
  • make program tell me the exact time when asked to do so
  • have a settings button that will allow te user to enable or disable start up when windows starts
  • have a picture and room to 'chat'
  • ULTIMATE GOAL: make it respond to voice

is this possible and yes, how long would it take someone if someone would have to start from scratch with no knowledge at all. And is there a free program to make programs with (or a way to do it).

thanks already.


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