Launch of Online Dating Website – Meet Compatible Partners

Formed in May, 2013 and based in India, Cupid Personality is an online free dating site which from its beginning stands shoulder to shoulder with the older sites which offer the services of online dating. One of its greatest benefits is the compatibility test it offers, which is made by its owner and a team of professionals.

The owner of this website, Santosh Singh Vasudev a graduate from Delhi University, with a BA in Economics and experience in Human Resources, says that the site now counts 800 members but this number is growing rapidly every day, with new members joining from all over the world but mainly from the USA and India.

Having in mind how hard it is to find a suitable partner these days some people may say that even if you go out in the middle of the day holding a battery lamp in the town’s square and people line up for you to choose your soul mate you may still make a bad choice. The newest trend today, made possible by the Internet are the personality tests upon which you can base your search for a soul mate. These tests spiced up with a picture of your potential partner are a wish come true in the dating reality today. Cupid Personality offers you exactly this.

Cupid Personality offers you a free of charge personality traits test which everybody can take. The test is based on an algorithm and coded by a professional engineer. The algorithm works differently for a man or a woman. For a man it gives the results of all women who are at most 10 years younger and for a woman it gives the results of all men who are at most 10 years older. The results will come first from matches from the test taker’s country and then from other countries. After you take the test it will be matched to every test in the database taken by other members, so a list of compatible potential partners can be generated that you can choose from and find someone who will have the same character traits as yours. So it’s ok even if you are shy, reserved or self-assured and group-oriented.

Didn’t you have enough of dating only to find out that the person doesn’t share your views and is empty inside of the shell? Well, Cupid Personality offers you a complete package. By browsing the database you will be able to find a beautiful or handsome partner who will make you laugh and who you’ll be able to talk to and share ideas 24 hours a day. The only thing you have to do is take the compatibility test. Don’t be alarmed since there are no true and false answers in the test, you just need to be yourself and all bad relationships will be in the past.

After you take the test the algorithm matches your results to the results of members of the opposite gender giving you a list of potential candidates. When you’ve chosen the person you want to date, you’ll be able to contact them for a
symbolic sum, and you’ll be able to see their personality traits percentage scores, their name, age, gender, their location and their contact details.

Have you ever seen an old couple in love holding their hands walking on the street? Doesn’t it remind you that true love
still exists? Well this site offers you exactly this, dwelling upon traditional values, since falling in love is easy it is more difficult to find someone who will catch you. We guarantee love is a few clicks away.

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