'tagName' is null or not an object in IE8. not validating radio buttons in IE8

I am using validatious-custom-0.9.1.js framework in my project and I am trying to validate required fields for radio buttons. But it is not validating the radio buttons in IE8. I am getting the following error in console
Message: 'tagName' is null or not an object
Line: 7
Char: 9921
Code: 0
URI: http://validatious.org/design/js/val....js?1256063644

HTML code used.

JS where it is failing - First 2 are the examples that are given in the framework file. So you will get to know how it is implemented

/* A radio button field is assumed to be either a list - ordered or unordered - with some element in front that acts as a label. This may be any element. If it is not in a list (ie the element does not have "li" parent elements), the label is assumed to be the element before the first input element.

Example1 (list approach):


h2>Favourite food/h2>

getLabel() will in this case return the h2 element.

Example2 (no list).

getLabel() will in this case return the first label element

Actual code

getLabel: function() {
var parent = this.__elements[0].parentNode;
//alert(parent1.nodeName); --- Gives 'nodeName' is null or not an object IN Ie8
if (parent1.tagName.toLowerCase() === 'li') { ---Gives 'tagName' is null or not an object
return v2.$(parent1.parentNode).previous();

var element = v2.$(this.__elements[0]).previous();
return element || this.base();

Required field validation in the js file

v.reg('required', function(field, value, params) {
return !v2.empty(value) && !(typeof value.length !== 'undefined' && value.length == 0);

}, null, null, 'not-empty', false);

It works fine in firefox, IE7 and IE9. But in IE8, I get message tagName is null or not an object.

Can somebody please help me why its is giving error in IE8

Thanks in advance..

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