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Okay, I can't seem to find specifically what i'm looking for so i'll try to explain it here.
This is what the email looks like whenever I receive it:

Employee Creation

Login Account Name: FirstName.LastName

User: Last, First

Employee Number: XXXXXX

SalesRep ID/Tech ID: XXXXX


Employment Type: Employee

Title: CCR I - Tech Support

What i'm trying to do is get the Account Name, Number, Sales ID, and Login to copy in to a worksheet that already has column headers. I need each email to be on one row under the designated Header, i.e. Account Name. I have tried all sorts of code and I can get the spreadsheet to open and auto save but it doesn't put any of the information from the email in the spreadsheet. Can someone please show me the complete code that I should be using so that I can compare to what I have to find out where my glitch is? I'm so frustrated with this! LOL

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