Where can I learn to use an IDE?

Perhaps this seems a bit backwards but I can program in two languages somewhat competently yet I don't know how to use an IDE let alone a command line interface. I've always used MS Visual Studio Express, yet the few courses, books, and web resources I've used have never actually taught me anything about IDE's, compilers, or those things.

Its simple enough to type in some code, hit "debug", and try it out for a while but after that the other features are a mystery. Take in mind that I can use a debugger like MSVS Express has but I don't know how to use a third party library or any of that TBH. I don't know what 98% of the project property options mean.

I've been unsuccessful in finding online resources that teach how to use an IDE, and searching for books about either programming or IDE's yields too many results for one to sift through.

The classes I took were years ago and I've since lost most of those skills. I'm in school now for web design, and I'm still interested in programing. My questions are: can you point me to some resource which teaches how to do these things?

Another thing that would be extremely helpful is maybe a few books about programming with good exercises that build on the things you learn. My class used textbooks exactly like that in school, yet I'm unable to find these kinds of books anywhere!


  • Hi,

    As you are now in web design this might help? https://codio.com/

    It is an IDE for web development.

  • Perhaps I wasn't specific enough. Web design may be my major, but the career path I really want is game development. I want to work on my programming skills on the side while I get through school. Web design requires some programming skills, but not the kind I need to make games. I can already program a little in C++, but using MSVS Express's features is beyond my knowledge. I can write code, debug it, but I don't know how to use that application. Since I can't find any resources to learn to use that IDE maybe I should just pick up codeblocks. How annoying.

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